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What is Immigration Law?
Each country in the world has different immigration laws. These laws regulate which people are allowed to work and live inside the country’s borders, and what legal status and rights they have during the time of their stay, whether temporary or permanent.

Why do I need an Immigration Attorney?
Immigration laws can shift unpredictably depending on the political and social climate of the time. Sometimes these laws can be welcoming, while at other times they can be restrictive and even punitive, especially in periods of political or economic volatility. To help avoid expensive mistakes and frustrating delays in your applications, you want to make sure you are following the current laws of the land by consulting with an immigration attorney.

What’s different about Attorney Wright?
Attorney Wright has represented companies, individuals and families from all over the world for more than 15 years. He stays current on the ever-evolving US immigration laws through involvement in his field, serious study, and an ongoing connection with the communities in which his clients live. Skills and experience combined with the highest level of integrity make Attorney Wright uniquely qualified to help his clients successfully navigate the complexities of immigration law to meet their goals for their present and future.

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