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How We Work

Though each client has a unique story, and we personalize every interaction to meet their particular needs, we have found that things flow most smoothly and efficiently by following certain office procedures. Over the years, we have refined our process to a science.

The following will give you an overview of the office procedures that we follow in representing new clients.

1) Explain Your Situation

You contact our office and explain the facts of your case to Attorney Wright’s Legal Assistant Nela López, and you give her copies of all paperwork that bears on the matter. Attorney Wright has instructed Nela to ask you a series of questions to give him the background to your case. He uses these facts and documents to begin evaluating what options are available to you. Everything you say to Attorney Wright or to any member of his staff is entirely confidential. He does not work for the Immigration Service or any government agency, and could lose his license were he to divulge information in violation of your privacy rights.

2) Ask All of Your Questions

Please also give Ms. López as many of your questions as you have ready, so she can convey them to Attorney Wright; this will help both of them to ensure that at the completion of our consultation, you feel satisfied that Attorney Wright has informed you fully. Please note, however, that Ms. López cannot answer any legal question; that is Attorney Wright’s job. If you ask Ms. López to pass a question on to Attorney Wright, she will certainly do so, and he may be able to give her the answer to convey to you. However, we hope you understand how vital it is that Attorney Wright has complete information in order to advise you properly.

3) Meet with Attorney Wright

In most cases it is necessary to meet in person or by phone to discuss matters further. Attorney Wright has found over the years that much useful information comes out in the course of these discussions. Ms. López will propose times for us to meet. If we will be having a telephone consultation, she will also take credit card information to use at the time of that call.

4) Attorney Wright Gives His Opinion

Once Attorney Wright has evaluated your case, he will give you his opinion about how strong or weak your case is, and what procedures would be involved for each procedure that he may suggest that you consider. Please be sure to ask about any doubts or fears you may have: immigration matters involve very important rights and responsibilities. One of the important reason for hiring an attorney is to have the opportunity to ask all your questions without fear.

5) Consider the Contract

Attorney Wright will give Ms. López his instructions about payment arrangements, and she will give you the contract to consider if you are in our office, or send it to you by email, fax, or postal mail. You ask any questions you may have about the contract, and Attorney Wright will explain, either directly, or through Ms. López.

6) Sign the Contract and Pay Initial Amount

Once you are satisfied that you understand exactly what work we are undertaking on your behalf, and what your responsibilities are, you sign the contract and pay the amount required to commence legal work on your case.

7) Attorney Wright Becomes Your Lawyer

Attorney Wright becomes your lawyer when he receives the signed contract and payment. Then...

  • Upon receipt of the contract, Attorney Wright prepares a list of questions and requests for supporting documentation.
  • You answer our questions and provide us the necessary documentation.
  • We will draft the forms and send them to you for you review and signature.
  • You return the signed application forms and required documentation to our office.
  • We complete the application and submit it to the appropriate government office.
  • We follow up with the government office in question until a decision is made - hopefully an approval.

If you have any questions about these procedures, or anything else throughout the process, please ask us. We are here to help you.