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In September of 1993, David Wright Immigration Law opened its doors to help the myriad of individuals, families, and businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of United States immigration law.

Since that time, we have become experts at what we do: we help dreams become realities. Though our expertise and skills rival those at larger law firms, we have chosen to remain a small, lean organization so that we can continue to provide the most respectful, accessible, personalized service you can find.

Please see our biographies below. We look forward to getting to know you, too, and assisting you in whatever ways we can.

David WrightDavid S. Wright, J.D.

Attorney David S. Wright is proud to represent companies, individuals and families from all over the world, in a practice that addresses a full range of US immigration concerns. Through his work in business immigration law, he brings skilled and valued employees to America on a temporary or permanent basis, and helps individuals advance their careers in the United States. He reunites families and keeps loved ones together by bringing over husbands, wives, fiancées, parents, children, and siblings. He protects families from separation by defending their rights in immigration court. Additionally, he helps victims gain asylum from persecution and domestic violence.

Since June 1993, Attorney Wright has been licensed to practice law in the courts of the State of California; the US District Court for the Central District of California; and the US Court of Appeal, Ninth Circuit. He attended UC Hastings College of the Law, San Francisco, California, for his J.D.; San Francisco State University for his M.A. in English; and Pomona College for his B.A. in History.

Attorney Wright began working in US immigration law as a law clerk at Immigrant Legal Resource Center, an agency that supports community activism regarding immigration, and supports public interest lawyers in the field. He clerked for other immigration lawyers, then began practicing immigration law in San Francisco in September 1993. He is a member of the following Professional Associations:

Personal Statement

“I find that my interest in my clients helps me to discover better ways of presenting their skills and abilities, thus strengthening their cases. I enjoy going through the process of getting to know clients’ histories, skills and businesses in order to plan how to get them safely through the reefs and shoals of immigration law. There are many dangers that are not apparent on the surface, and going over my clients’ histories thoroughly, considering all ways things might go wrong, often helps to identify and ward off those dangers through good preparation. I enjoy doing pro bono work for Immigration Equality, which hold a legal clinic at NCLR, as well as acting as a mentor to other attorneys through the Asylum Project of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights.

”I came to a career in law after getting to know life and people in various countries – France, England, Guatemala and Japan. I enjoy using my Japanese, Spanish and French with clients from a variety of countries. I read widely in economics, world cultures and politics and maintain a professional interest in migration policies around the world. I enjoy learning from my clients about their professions and businesses, as well as about their histories. My clients bring new ideas, intelligence, self-discipline and energy to this country.

“My approach is inspired by my parents. My father was a teacher, my mother something of a community activist. Both from small towns in the Pacific Northwest, they rose from modest though comfortable beginnings to a life that allowed them to travel widely and to learn throughout their lives. I hope I can live up to their example.”

nl_sfNela López, Legal Assistant

With her compassion, caring service and unwavering diligence, Ms. López embodies the quintessential spirit of the David Wright Immigration Law office.

As a refugee, then as an immigrant, and now as a citizen, Ms. López personally has journeyed the formidable road of the immigration process. She has worked with Attorney Wright since December 2003. She is proud to be a part of the good work that can utilize her own experience to benefit others facing their own unique challenges in immigration.

Ms. López is a proud Queer, Nicaraguan woman who lives in Berkeley with her partner, Jai.